Christmas in July

So, as you can imagine…life has been a little crazy lately! Not only am I baking a baby, but now I’m preparing for my first year as a teacher!

In case you missed the news, I will be starting my teaching career this Fall & I couldn’t be more excited, y’all! This was a huge, unexpected blessing that I can’t wait to embark on.

Because life has been a whirlwind since, well the past 2 years, but definitely in the past few months…my blogging has been lagging & that breaks my heart. I love writing & sharing & I know I say it all the time, but I really want to get back into my weekly posts {one of the many reasons I purchased a new fancy planner!}.

I’m pretty backed up on posts. { I still haven’t even shared our Vegas trip from last September!!!} But, since it’s July and 6 months until Christmas, I figured it would be an appropriate time to share 2 of our road trips that we took back in November/early December.

The first trip I’m sharing is one that was taken with my family & included several stops literally (what felt like) all over Texas. It was SO stinkin’ fun & wish we could do it a hundred times over.

We went from New Braunfels, to Gruene, back to NB, to Seguin, back to NB for the night, Helotes the next day, then road tripped to Waco, Fort Worth/Dallas/Arlington, & back all in 4 days!

After checking into our hotel in NB (halfway point between our 2 destinations for the following day), we took a trip to Gruene. It’s been on our bucket list of places to visit in Texas & it didn’t disappoint!

We visited the famous Gruene Hall, ate at the Gristmill {new fave!}, and visited tons of little antique shops. It was so much fun!



IMG_0149 IMG_5129


IMG_5142 IMG_5136 IMG_5143 IMG_5140

IMG_5131 IMG_0936

Our next stop was in Seguin for my little brother’s playoff game. Although they didn’t win, it was a history breaking record & they got farther than ever before. Something tells me they’ll make it even farther next year!

IMG_5097 IMG_5153 IMG_5155 IMG_5157

& we of course had to stop at Buc-ee’s on the way back to our hotel 😉

The next morning we got up with the birds & road tripped to Helotes for our Christmas card photos! We met up with our wedding photographer at John T. Floore’s {another bucket lister} & had a photoshoot for our first Christmas cards! Exciting!

IMG_5159 IMG_0151

Here are a few of my faves…

IMG_6052 IMG_5296 IMG_5300 IMG_5313 IMG_5648

It was still super early when we left on the road to Dallas {on 3 hours of sleep}. We wanted to meet up with my family, so that we could caravan together. The guys left it up to us to pick a place to meet up, so of course Momma & made the mutual, effortless decision to stop in Waco! 😉

FullSizeRender 136

Fixer Upper is our FAVORITE & Joanna Gaines is pretty much my twin in every way, so Magnolia has been a place we’ve been dying to visit!

IMG_5192 IMG_5195 IMG_5183
IMG_0155 IMG_5176
IMG_5182 IMG_0153 IMG_5184
Again, it didn’t disappoint. Standing in the line going out of the gate, in freezing cold weather was so worth it. It was so perfect & so amazing!!! They even had pumpkins…my favorite!!!

We had In-and-Out for lunch. Our first time trying it & it was the Waco Grand Opening. It was good, but not Whataburger good. 😉

IMG_0972 IMG_0968

We made it to Dallas that evening just in time for the Christmas festivities at the Gaylord Texan Hotel {the official hotel of the Dallas Cowboys}. We sipped on our hot cocoa while taking in all of the beautiful views & Christmas lights. So breathtaking.


IMG_0165 FullSizeRender 137

Our last day started with Waffle House for breakfast &  then we were off to Dallas Cowboys stadium – where my baby brother & his team were able to play football tournaments on Cowboys field! SO cool! We’re really big Cowboys fans, so this was kind of a big deal!

We took a backstage tour of the locker rooms & even came out of the same tunnel that they do on game days. Chills, y’all. We pretty much ate & watched football the rest of the day; two of our favorite things!

IMG_5230 IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5238

you know your husband is amazing when you’re in a room of half nakie cheerleaders & he still has his eyes on you! 😉

IMG_5247 IMG_5254 IMG_5252 IMG_5260 IMG_5262 IMG_5255 IMG_5251 IMG_5263 IMG_0992 IMG_5367

Before we left, we HAD to get photos on the Dallas Star. It felt so surreal to be there.

IMG_0168 IMG_5275

Yet another bucket list destination to check off the list!

The entire trip was so much fun, we had a BLAST!

2 of the things I love the most in life are my family & my Texas.

It was such a blessing to get to experience all of these amazing, unforgettable memories with the people I love, traveling all over the place I love.

“God is Good. God is Great. Thank you Lord, for the Lone Star State.”

{ & the beautiful people I get to explore it with } 🙂


Little Mrs. Bri

p.s. Christmas tree farm adventure coming soon! ♥

Baking Baby A Bumpdate – Halfway There!

Oh my goodness! Can you believe our sweet little Baby A is already halfway here?! This momma is all kinds of emotional; she’s growing up too fast! I’ve already cried thinking about sending her off to prom, y’all. And best believe daddy has already started dating rules & cleaning his gun.

Oh & in case you missed our big announcement since last blog post…Baby A is a GIRL – our very own little PRINCESS to add to our happily ever after!!!

IMG_4363{made by me}

There are absolutely no words to explain the happiness & excitement we are feeling. She is already a dream come true!

So…my plan was to blog throughout my pregnancy, every week with an update on my blog. But it turns out life is kinda crazy when you’re moving homes, getting school work done, working, AND baking a baby. Despite the craziness, I’m pretty proud of myself for getting a chalkboard & photo done every week. {these updates can be found under the hashtag #BakingBabyA}

So, since I’ve been bad about posting updates on here, I figured I’ll lump the first 20ish weeks together & make one big update to catch up. Then that’ll get me on track for the rest. Okay? Okay. Let’s catch up, shall we?

How far along? » As of today, 22 weeks & 4 days. Last Tuesday made 5 months (woah!) & yesterday marked 4 months until our due date! (woah, again!)
How big is the peanut? » Baby girl is currently one whole pound & will be the size of a Barbie doll this coming week! 

Total weight gain/loss? » I fluctuate daily, but I’ve only gained 8-10lbs. in the past 5 months. I’m obviously expecting to gain more now that she’s putting weight on faster. Doctor says I’m right on track! 
Maternity clothes? » I’m sort of stubborn when it comes to buying maternity clothes. Most of my normal clothes is starting to get really tight. LOL! I’ve only purchased 3 tops that are “maternity”, the rest have just been loose fitting shirts that I can wear after baby. I needed a belly band at around 14 weeks & haven’t stopped wearing it since. 
Sleep? » Sleep? What is that? I have 2 different kinds of nights – the ones where I’m out like a baby & others where I feel like I never even went to sleep. I do get really bad insomnia some nights, the heartburn strikes if I eat too late, & I get up at least 3 times thanks to mother nature. But other than that, it’s great! LOL!  The insomnia usually goes away when my sweet hubs rubs my head or belly until I fall asleep. {He’s the best!} I’m naturally a side sleeper, so that’s been good for me. I’ve always slept with a bunch of pillows, but I’ve given those up & they’ve been replaced with my giant pregnancy pillow! I caved & bought one at about 17 weeks. And let me tell you,  it was life changing! It still takes me a while to get all situated & comfortable, but I sleep so much better. Once I do get to sleep though, good luck waking me up! 
Best moment this week? » My best moments are definitely the times when baby girl is doing her daily flips! She is so active & it makes my heart so happy. She absolutely LOVES when daddy talks to her & when I eat something cold & sweet like watermelon or cereal. The best part of every day is by far the time we get to finally lay down & talk to her. We can sit there forever watching & feeling her kick! 
Symptoms? » Like I mentioned earlier, mainly just heartburn at this point. And some stretching discomfort every now & again. Back pain is slooowly starting to creep when I’m up for too long. I had really bad nausea & exhaustion during the first trimester. Like, really bad! But that disappeared at 13 weeks. I’ve been so fortunate that everything has been pretty easy so far {knock on wood!}. 
Food cravings? » Since the beginning of my pregnancy, cravings have been nothing but fruit & sweets! Fruit was pretty much the only thing that didn’t make me sick during my first trimester. Now, it’s all i crave along with salads! Literally anything cold & fresh makes me happy. And cake. I freakin’ love cake. 
Food aversions? » I hate peanut butter. Always have, always will. The pregnancy has not reversed that aversion, yet. I also hated chicken during my 3rd & 4th month? Weird. 
Gender? » GIRL!!! ♥
Activity? » I’ve been relatively active throughout my entire pregnancy. I did prenatal yoga the first trimester, and I’ve been able to step it up during the second. I go walking {very fast walking} with my mom & some other ladies, as often as I can. I do anywhere from 1-3.5 miles depending on how I’m feeling. I’ve also started water aerobics & we both love it! Baby girl does flips the whole time. I think we have a Little Mermaid on our hands! 😉 
Belly button in or out? » Totally flat! Popping any day now. I show it to Mr. A & my momma any chance I get. The hubs thinks it’s hilarious! {I’ll spare you the photos though} 😉
What I miss? » I feel like y’all are expecting me to say wine, but I actually don’t really miss alcohol. I don’t really miss anything in particular. I’m loving being pregnant & can’t imagine life before! 
What I’m looking forward to? » Obviously meeting our baby girl! But short term, we’re really looking forward to our next ultrasound in 2 weeks! Baby girl had her hands on her face last time & although we got to see her little button nose & big lips, they didn’t get proper measurements. But I’m not complaining. We get more pictures of her that we can stare at & obsess over. LOL! 
Milestones? » Yesterday marked 4 months until our due date & baby girl is a whole pound, almost a foot long! 
Bump? » Here’s my {post – work out} 22 week bump! She’s really popping out this week! I’m loving my bump & I think the hubs loves it just as much! People in public are starting to notice her & I constantly get asked what I’m having. The “glowing” & “cutest bump ever” compliments are nice too. 🙂 


Mr. A & I want to thank you all for the outpouring of sweet words that we’ve been receiving about our sweet little love muffin. She is already loved by so many & it makes our hearts so happy! She is the luckiest girl in the world.

& we are the luckiest parents in the world, because in 4 months, she’ll be all ours! We absolutely can’t wait to squeeze her & kiss her sweet face. October can’t come soon enough!



Little Mrs. Bri

He or She? What Will Baby A Be?!

So here we are 2 days away from finding out the gender of our first Baby A!

{ & halfway to our due date! YAY!!! }

At 14 weeks, Mr. A & I had an ultrasound performed with both of our immediate families to see the baby for the first time!

FullSizeRender 135

Even though he & I saw the baby at 10 weeks, it was our first time hearing his/her heartbeat! It was an amazing experience that we were so blessed to experience with the ones we love the most.

We will remember it forever & ever!


During our appointment the nurse asked if we wanted to know the gender and we said yes, but we wanted it in an envelope to open later. Well, it didn’t work out that way, because I wasn’t far along enough to give 100% determination.

SO, he let it slip & we found out what they called a “65% guess”. {Another amazing experience with our families! } The nurse said if I was only a week further ahead, he would’ve given 100%.

So we took that as a pretty accurate determination & we’re hoping it hasn’t changed because we may or may not have already done quite a bit of shopping! LOL

As first time parents, you can only imagine the excitement we have while waiting to find out whether our little Boo Boo is a little Miss or little Mr.!

And even though we already kind of know, we still couldn’t be more excited for our gender scan on Thursday!

The most common question I get about my pregnancy is whether it’s a boy or a girl.

So…while we wait for the official results, the hubs & I compiled a list of Old Wives’ Tales to see what they say about our sweet little babe.

We found as many as we could, answered them in the order we found them & then tallied them at the end.

SO without further adieu, here’s a list of 25 Old Wives’ Tales!


low belly or high? – GIRL

front carry or expanding? – BOY

glowing or stolen beauty? – BOY

cold/dry hands or soft/warm? – GIRL

heart rate <140 or >140? – GIRL

craving salty/sour or sweet? – GIRL

Chinese calendar? – GIRL

spouse cravings? – GIRL

morning sickness? – GIRL

key test? – BOY

sleeping on left or right? – BOY

happy or moody? – BOY

heartburn? – GIRL 

headaches? – BOY

Mayan Calendar? – GIRL

bulge outfront or back? – BOY

watermelon or basketball? – GIRL

cold feet? – BOY

ring over tummy? – BOTH, more BOY

ring over palm? – GIRL

skull? – GIRL

Ramzi theory? – BOY

clumsy or graceful? –BOY

Mommy’s instinct? – GIRL 

Daddy’s instinct? – BOY

in case you lost count…the totals are:

BOY : 12

GIRL : 13

 { And if you count the pink nail polish I was wearing the day we found out I was pregnant, team girl gets another vote!}  😉

While we wait & see what Baby A will be, we can’t help but dream about the amazing days that are up ahead. We pray every night for this wiggly baby & a continued healthy pregnancy.

Our hopes & dreams have all come true & they’re only getting better.

Pink or blue, WE LOVE YOU little Boo Boo!

Mommy & Daddy are so excited for you to join our Happily Ever After!



Little Mrs. Bri

P.S. What do y’all think? Is Baby A a BOY or a GIRL?!



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